Geelong Quiz

In the Student Blogging Challenge we were asked do do a quiz about where we live so I did a quiz on Polldaddy about Geelong.

Here is the information you will need.

1.Geelong Football Club have won 8 AFL/VFL premierships.

2.The Geelong Advertiser was established in 1840.

3.Geelong is the 2nd oldest team in the AFL.

4.Geelong is in VIC in Australia.

5.The Wathaurong Aborigionals called Geelong ‘Jillong’.


Now lets take the Quiz!!!!


Challenge 2 Sept 2011

2 thoughts on “Geelong Quiz

  1. Hi Amy,
    Your quiz is a great way to let visitors to your blog know about Geelong. It would be great if you could tell our reading group about it as I think it would be a good tool to use for our reading responses. Are you able to fix a spelling mistake after it has been published? – I noticed one in a question.
    I see you included the challenge link – well done!
    Mrs N

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