Being Creative

This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge 7.

In this challenge we have to be creative so I have used 3 Web 2.o tools on that I am going to explain to you.

1. Voki

A Voki is an avatar. You can make it look like an human, animal, alien and much more. You can your choose hair, clothes and bling (for girls). Then you get the choice of adding a voice to your Voki. Lastly you choose a background, then you publish! You can now give you Voki a name and embed it on your blog.

2. Go Animate

Go Animate is a tool where you can create an animation and make the characters talk. Click here for a link to my post on Go Animate. You can also see the movies I made there.

3. Art Pad

On Art Pad you can create artwork. You can type, draw, add splots of paint, add a frame to your artwork or hang it in the gallery. This is an example of what Art Pad can do, I made it myself.

Ary Pad










That’s all for today.

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Global Issues

This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge 6.

In this challenge we are focusing on Global Issues, so I have made a video with PhotoPeach of photos of Mannya so you can see how they live and how my school (Clairvaux Catholic School) and the Cotton On Foundation help them to cope.

Each year at my school we have a lap-a-thon. This is  where we run around the oval and people give us money and then we give it to Mannya so they can buy clothes, books, build a school and much more.

This is my video showing how the people in Mannya  live and how we have helped them.

Mannya on PhotoPeach


Click here for the link for the Cotton On Foundation website. Here you can donate money and discover more things about Mannya.

Thanks to Mrs. N for the photos.

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Gazebo Building

On Thursday the 22nd of September the 5/6’s all built a mini model of a gazebo with a partner. My partner was Gemma (visit her blog here) and we built the worst gazebo ever!!!

First we had to get our materials. We mostly used icy-pole sticks, wire and lots of sticky tape. Our Gazebo wouldn’t stand up so we had to get a teacher to help us put it back together but it didn’t help. We started to get a bit annoyed because we really wanted it to look good.

We had a 1/2 class teacher (Sarah) come in to judge our gazebos and everyone thought our gazebo was funny because it was wrecked. In the end we didn’t win (we didn’t expect to anyway) but it was really fun to build.